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Whoever you are, if you’re looking for love, come see me 🙂

I may be young, but everyone’s looking for love. I am a matchmaker at heart; I love to see when love is real, when it lasts, when it’s fun but committed, when the players are no longer playing (except with each other :)) I can work with anyone, everyone is their own person and has their own unique ways of maneuvering each day, through every aspect of life. Whether you’re super scheduled or you go with the flow, whether you go out every night or you’re a homebody, whether you have a ton of friends or you keep you’re circle really small, I get it, not because I’ve “been there,” but because I am open and understanding. I acknowledge that there may be a thousand possible reasons why each person does things the way they do, and it’s not my job to judge you or change you like other matchmakers might do (although a tweak here and there may be helpful!) but simply to find someone who loves all your idiosyncrasies regardless. Never think you’re unmatchable, undatable, not marriage material. You gotta believe it: if you decide you’re really looking for love, the stars may just align in your favor…

Even if none of your previous relationships have lasted (obviously, or you wouldn’t be here), I believe you can always use them as learning experiences, no matter how devastating it might have been at the time. Instead of taking baggage into the next relationship, make it so you’re better for the next person, the One that’s going to last. An unexamined life is not worth living.

All you need to bring to me is honesty and the desire to be in a long term relationship. What I can offer you is an honest, objective opinion on what you’re doing wrong when you’re looking and what you’re doing wrong when you’re pursuing.

But… PLEASE don’t have unrealistic expectations. This is a disclaimer, and a warning: chemistry is everything. Even if you want the feelings you have for someone to be mutual, they may not be. I can set you up on dates with potentials that I may genuinely feel would be a great fit, but if you guys have to click! And if one person’s not really feeling it, then he or she wasn’t right for you anway.

But that’s enough. Send me your questionnaire, and let’s get this “process” (which is life-long, by the way) started. I’m excited to meet each and every one of you, genuinely. Let’s find you the person of your dreams.


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